Dr Ben Greene

Group Chief Executive Officer
Age: 67


  • First Degree: Bachelor of Engineering [Hons] University of Queensland, Australia.
  • Doctorate: Ph. D [Applied Physics] University of Hull, U.K.

Employment History

1986-present Electro Optic Systems: - Chief Executive Officer

1971-1986 Commonwealth of Australia: - Bilateral US-Australian Aerospace Programs, Director of National Programs (1980-1986) for Space Tracking and National Standards in Time and Frequency.


  • Participated in a leadership role in space programs for geodesy, gravity field determination, GNSS development, space navigation, remote sensing, satellite systems, high power lasers, space surveillance and space warfare.
  • Served on national and international boards, including three terms as Chairman [currently Deputy Chair] of the international organisation co-ordinating precision space tracking for Russia, China, India, Australia, Japan, and other nations.
  • System architect for major national and international space tracking and space surveillance systems.
  • Author of over 20 patents, granted and pending, CTO of the EOS Group, published in space science technology and weapon system technology literature.
  • Initiated in 1989 the development of remotely operated weapon systems in the USA with Boeing, and in 1992 acquired Boeing's interest in this program thru EOS.
  • Led the team that developed under U.S. Army contract the SACMFCS (small arms common module fire control system) from 1993-1997 and CROWS (Common Remotely Operated Weapon System) from 1998-2007.
  • World authority in military space EO applications, laser sensing, remote weapon systems technology and autonomous weapon systems.


  • NASA Achievement Award 1986
  • Warren Centre Innovation Medal 2009