Dr Craig Smith

Chief Executive Officer, EOS Space Systems


  • First Degree: BSc (Hons) Physics, University of Melbourne, 1983
  • Doctorate:  PhD (Physics) University of Melbourne, 1988

Employment History

2003-present  EOS Space Systems, Chief Executive Officer

1999-2003  EOS Technologies Inc, Chief Executive Officer

1998-1999  Electro Optic Systems, Head of Research and Development

1988-1999  UNSW ADFA, Senior Research Fellow


  • Chief Executive Officer and Technical Director for EOS Space Systems.
  • Leads a multi-disciplinary team of science and engineering innovators developing lasers, beam directors, precision timing systems, sensors and control systems for the laser tracking products. EOSSS builds and operates systems for satellite laser ranging to compliant targets (with retro-reflectors) and space debris tracking using active laser technologies.
  • Prior to joining EOS, Professor Smith was a Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Defence Force Academy, UNSW where he developed novel techniques for imaging-polarimetry and spectro-polarimetry at thermal IR wavelengths. These remote sensing techniques are able to provide materials characteristics from the thermal signature of an object.
  • Professor Smith has lectured in Physics, Electronics and Military Ballistics, and is an Adjunct Professor at RMIT University.
  • More than 100 publications in professional journals and conference proceedings.

Awards and Recognition

  • Adjunct Professor RMIT University 2012
  • Engineers Australia, Engineering Excellence Award 2005
  • ARC Senior Research Fellow 1996
  • In excess of 100 publications in professional journals and conference proceedings