Satellite Laser Ranging

The EOS satellite laser ranging facility at Mount Stromlo, Canberra is part of a global network of some 30 observatories using laser light to measure distances to orbiting satellites.  EOS offers 24/7 autonomous tracking and orbit prediction of up to 200,000 objects.

EOS SLR System Features:

  • Eye safe operation even with high power lasers.
  • Automated or remote controlled.
  • Ranging to high and low satellites with millimeter resolution.
  • Picosecond timing systems.
  • High temporal resolution (kHz) tracking.
  • Network synchronized tracking and simultaneous tracking of multiple satellites.
  • Standard systems of 1m aperture with other sizes by negotiation.
  • Weatherproof in operation.
  • ISO 9001 quality.


What we offer

EOS employs sophisticated satellite laser...
Optical detectors for visible and infrared...
EOS is an established supplier of telescopes and...
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