Keck Outrigger 1.8 Meter Telescopes
Mauna Kea, Hawaii

We were awarded a contract for the design, manufacture, and delivery of four 1.8-meter aperture telescopes for the W. M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii. These telescopes are to be used for optical interferometry, and consequently exceed the performance specifications of any telescope of comparable aperture ever produced in many categories.

Two additional 1.8 meter telescopes will be built for a full compliment of six outriggers. These telescopes perform optical interferometry and exceed performance specifications of any telescope previously manufactured of comparable aperture. Three of the four manufactured Keck telescopes are awaiting installation, pending the Observatory’s resolution of environmental assessments.

The Keck telescopes employ ultra-precise structural specifications in order to meet the Keck Observatory’s demanding wavefront quality requirements for interferometry. The Keck telescopes achieve excellent pointing, acceleration, tracking, and settling performance.

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